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GA 30⁺-75⁺ screw compressors (30kW - 75kW)

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GA 30⁺-75⁺ screw compressors (30kW - 75kW)

The new GA⁺ comes with an IE4 motor, a new element and a suite of smart features to give you more air and more energy savings.


Capacity FAD

256 m³/h - 924 m³/h

Installed motor power

30 kW - 75 kW

Capacity FAD l/s

71 l/s - 257 l/s



GA 30⁺-75⁺: the gold standard in fixed-speed rotary screw compressors

The GA 30⁺-75⁺ is our fixed-speed oil-injected rotary screw compressor that sets the industry standard. It gives you more of the things that really matter: more energy savings, more air, and a longer lifetime. Its state-of-the-art compression element and a host of advanced features ensure maximum performance with best-in-class efficiency:

  • 100% maintenance-free drive system, totally protected against dirt and dust. New state-of-the-art hybrid bearings extend its lifetime by 33%.
  • IE4/NEMA Super Premium Efficiency motor, designed for continuous operation in harsh environments.
  • Oversized coolers, increase reliability in tough conditions.
  • Robust, high-efficiency spin-on oil filter, with 8,000-hour service interval (GA 55⁺/GA 75⁺).
  • Heavy-duty air intake filter, offers an 8,000-hour lifetime (GA 55⁺/GA 75⁺).
  • Smart no-loss drain, with automatic removal of condensate, auto-cleaning, and detection of potential issues (GA 55⁺/GA 75⁺).
  • Smart Temperature Control System, calculates and implements in real time the ideal oil injection temperature to increase compressor efficiency and eliminate the risk of condensation (GA 55⁺/GA 75⁺).
  • Intelligent sensors, monitor the lifetime of the inlet filter, the oil separator, and the oil filter (GA 55⁺/GA 75⁺).

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