G 2-7 VSD – The Very Smart Decision for workshops - ESP

G 2-7 VSD – The Very Smart Decision for workshops

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G 2-7 VSD – The Very Smart Decision for workshops

Oil-injected screw compressors 8 to 10 bar

To keep your workshop operating smoothly, you need a reliable supply of compressed air. That’s why our smallest G screw compressors now come with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. While traditional fixed-speed compressors always run at 100%, VSD units match their motor speed to the fluctuations in your air demand. As a result, you enjoy a more stable pressure, less noise, less component wear, and significant energy savings for the larger models. 


Working Pressure bar (a)

8 bar(a) - 10 bar(a)

Capacity FAD

17,6 m³/h - 62,1 m³/h

Installed motor power

2,2 kW - 7,5 kW

Capacity FAD l/s

4,9 l/s - 17,26 l/s



The next-generation workshop compressor

A workshop compressor must be easy to use, as quiet as possible, versatile, and always reliable.

The new G 2-7 VSD outperforms traditional fixed-speed compressors on all these benchmarks to give you top performance for many years.

An industry first

With the G 2-7 VSD, Atlas Copco has brought VSD technology to the smallest screw compressors – for the first time ever. Now workshops and small businesses can also enjoy unrivalled compressor performance, reliability and efficiency.

The G 2-7 VSD offers a win-win: an economical first cost as well as energy and operational savings.
Top performance
With the G 2-7 VSD, you enjoy a 100% duty cycle, a more stable pressure, longer component lifetime, and easy service.

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