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AIRCUBE - Containerized compressor room

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AIRCUBE - Containerized compressor room

More than a product – A solution

The AIRCUBE allows companies that don’t have the time or space to add an indoor compressor room to quickly add compressed air capacity. It also solves a challenge many resource sector operations face: How do you get a dependable, high-quality air supply to some of the most remote places on this planet?



Atlas Copco’s containerized compressor room delivers an instant solution to your most pressing and toughest compressed air needs. It’s a complete air system built into a standard shipping container, ready for operation upon delivery. Every AIRCUBE consists of proven, certified components, assembled to your specific requirements. 

Aircube container

Container specifications

The AIRCUBE containerized compressor room is housed in an ISO sea container that measures either 6m or 12m (20ft or 40ft). The containers can host an extensive variety of compressed air equipment configurations to meet your specific needs.

Oustanding reliability
The AIRCUBE can operate in tough climates. It is designed to withstand the harshest temperatures, from -40°C to +45°C

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