FEX Fugitive Emission Containment Pack - ESP

FEX Fugitive Emission Containment Pack

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FEX Fugitive Emission Containment Pack

Secondary Stem Packing to Contain Fugitive Emissions


The FEX Emission Containment Packs greatly reduce fugitive emissions by adding a secondary stem sealing system that acts as a backup. Any media that escapes the valve's primary stem sealing system will be contained by this secondary seal. In addition to keeping these emissions captive, there is a port on the side that allows for various detection and monitoring techniques to be used. The port can also be used for emission diversion to a remote location for collection and proper disposal. The port also provides a means for emergency repair by injecting sealant through it with use of a button head check valve.

The FEX can be installed on actuated or manually operated valves. It can be easily retrofit onto our 150F, 300F, and HPF series ball valves.

Cutaway of a 300F Series Ball Valve with FEX Emission Containment Pack

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