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WM-PT Series Paddle Wheel Flowmeters

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WM-PT Series Paddle Wheel Flowmeters

Debris Tolerant Flowmeters - PVC Pipe (1/2" to 4") or Saddle Insertion Mount (1 1/2" to 8")

WM-PT Series Paddle Wheel Flowmeters

This paddle wheel flow meter can monitor flows in pipes ranging in size from 1/2" to 8". Wide range in flow rates, negligible headloss and good accuracy at a reasonable price, continue to make these meters popular. Easy removal for cleaning and repair permit the meters to be mounted in lines with moderate particulate levels.

The paddle wheel, spinning at a rate linearly proportional to the velocity of the flow, activates a switch once per revolution. The time it takes the paddle to rotate, divided into the diameter of the pipe, results in the flow rate. Flow rate variations are minimized by a microprocessor averaging process. The flow rate, a resettable and a non-resettable totalizer are simultaneously displayed.

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