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Weco® Check Valves

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Weco® Check Valves


Weco® check valves are offered in three primary models. These valves seal against a full range of well-servicing fluids at pressures up to 20,000 psi. Like all of our flowline products, patented features of our check valves deliver significantly longer service life. Like all pressure containing products, Weco® check valves require special handling.

Top Entry Check Valve

TechnipFMC has redesigned the top entry check valve and added new, proprietary materials. These changes provide improved structural support and erosion tolerance, including added resistance to corrosive chemicals. The result is extended valve life: 2-3X life in acid service or 4-5X life in standard service. The top entry check valve eliminates the need for special tools and reduces non-productive time which saves you time and money. The hammer union style body cap is easily detached, allowing access to hand removable internals for field servicing.

Recommended service: high-pressure well-servicing lines, fracturing lines, testing lines, cementing and circulating lines, and other well service and stimulation applications

Key features:

  1. Body cap - Fast, easy field service; no special tools required.
  2. Pin retainer - Patent-pending pivot pin retainer improves wear, body cavity sealing, and reduces maintenance frequency.

Dart Check Valve

Recommended service: extreme nitrogen and carbon dioxide services; wet or dry non-erosive flow

Key features:

  1. Minimizes explosive decompression - Explosive decompression-resistant materials and design for long service life.
  2. N2 and CO2 capability - Stainless steel internal components and special elastomer seal handle gas velocities in excess of 250 feet/second.
  3. Low-inertia dart design - Hollow dart and fixed stem minimize pressure required to start flow. Non-metallic bushing reduces friction, increasing dart and stem life.
  4. Easy, low-cost service - Main seal is located on seat, reducing exposure to flow. Enables seal to be replaced without replacing seat or dart.

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