TransCube Global 05TCG - ESP

TransCube Global 05TCG

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TransCube Global 05TCG

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The TransCube Global is one of the most reliable, flexible and portable fuel storage tanks in the world. This commercial fuel tank is designed to transport and dispense fuel precisely when and where you need it. TransCube fuel tanks are trusted by power generation specialists and construction companies to deliver the results they need, every time.

Energy Efficient Portable Fuel Tank

Environmentally secure fuel storage that supplies up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously – saving time, money and reducing risk, even on difficult sites.

If you work on a jobsite with limited access, the TransCube Global is the portable fuel tank for you. This fully transportable fuel storage solution eliminates the risks of downtime and interruption to vital equipment, so you can stay on track and on top of operations.

Learn more about our world-beating TransCube fuel tanks.

Capacity (Nominal / safe fill (95%): 499 / 474 litres

Dimensions ((L x W x H): 1,150 x 1,150 x 855mm

Weight (Empty/Full): 415 / 889kg

Design approvals:  UL142, CAN/ULC-S601, UN-IBC, AS-1692 2006, ADG, VLAREM, KIWA

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