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Single stage air compressor ZHL (centrifugal)

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Single stage air compressor ZHL (centrifugal)

Energy-efficient centrifugal compressors up to 2 bar(g)/29 psig


Capacity FAD l/s

1 944 l/s - 10 833 l/s

Capacity FAD

7 000 m³/h - 39 000 m³/h

Working pressure

0,8 bar(e) - 2 bar(e)

Installed motor power

355 kW - 1 400 kW

Capacity FAD m³/min

115 m³/min - 650 m³/min



What is a single-stage centrifugal air compressor?

Centrifugal air compressors use centrifugal forces to create flow and pressure. Centrifugal technology is an extremely efficient way to generate compressed air.

The gearbox with the main drive shaft is driven by a motor. Both gearbox and main drive shafts drive the high-speed shafts with one or more impellers. Single-stage turbo compressors only have one impeller and deliver air at a pressure up to 2 bar(g)

Single stage air compressor ZHL

What is the difference between a single and two-stage compressor?

The word “stage” refers to the number of compression stages the air goes through in order to reach the required air pressure. The high-speed turning impellers create the dynamic pressure build-up in the compressor. The number of impellers and thus stages will depend on the outlet pressure that is needed.

For applications that require 2 bar(g) or less, one impeller or a single-stage compressor is sufficient to meet the pressure demand. With a two-stage or (three-stage) compressor, higher pressures can be reached. 




What makes our single stage turbo oil-free air compressors unique?

With the design of our ZHL, we want to offer a more energy-efficient solution for those applications that require a flow of 7000 m3/h or more and a pressure up to 2 bar(g)/ 29 psig. The innovative design ensures efficient air delivery, even when the process has a variable air demand.

On top of that,  our units are Class 0 certified. This ensures your process of oil-free, quality air.

Quality air

The unique double seal design ensures your production process of quality air. Thanks to the oil and air seals, no lubrication oil can’t enter the impellers, resulting in oil-free, Class 0 certified air delivery

A sustainable production process

Up to 80% of the total life cycle costs go towards its energy usage. Designing our compressors to be as energy-efficient as possible thus not only benefits the planet but also translates into a return on investment for you. Making sure your compressed air installation is as energy-efficient as possible, is a great way to make your production process more sustainable.


Sustainability is at the core of our design process:

  • With our dedicated backward leaning impeller design, the turbo compressor makes the most out of each power and pressure variant. Different impeller types make it possible to size the right geared turbo compressor for a broad range of applications. No matter how different the operating points are, with our large choice of impeller types we understand the art of optimizing performance for your specific need.

  • Our ZHL turbo compressors are driven by a wide range of highly efficient motors. The low voltage variants (up to 560kW) are supplied with a built-in YD-starter. Different motor selections, both air- and water-cooled are available.

  •  Inlet guide vanes are an efficient way to adjust the flow rate when dealing with variable air demand.  Adjustable inlet guide vanes save up to 9% energy compared to the usage of an inlet valve. The inlet guide vanes are controlled by a servo-motor-based actuator, a cost-efficient and reliable way to control the flow rate at variable air demands over the full turndown range of the compressor.

  • Our after-coolers combine compactness with a low approach temperature and minimal pressure drop to maximize the overall energy efficiency.
Single stage air compressors ZHL installation

Towards a carbon neutral production process

On top of the energy-efficient core design, our single-stage turbo compressor can be combined with an energy recovery unit and a central and/or unit controller to further reduce the carbon footprint of your production process:

  • An operating compressor inevitably produces heat. Adding an Energy Recovery unit can help you recover up to 94% of the compression heat. Without energy recovery, that heat is lost in the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation. Our energy recovery unit uses compression heat to heat up water. This warm water can be used for sanitary purposes, and space heating, or can be reused elsewhere in your process.

  • The standard turndown optimizing algorithm of our Elektronikon® unit controller constantly maximizes the unit’s turndown range. This limits blow-off and improves energy efficiency under all operating conditions.

  • ZHL compressors can easily be paired with our Optimizer 4.0 central controller. A central controller ensures operation is divided correctly over multiple compressors, leading to less wear, more control options and less energy consumption. 

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