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Oil-free booster air compressor ZD (VSD)

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Oil-free booster air compressor ZD (VSD)

High-pressure piston booster ZD in a wide range of industry applications

  • the food and beverage industry 
  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • the automotive industry
  • industrial gases
  • PET bottle blowing
  • general industries


Capacity FAD l/s

175 l/s - 1 127 l/s

Capacity FAD

633 m³/h - 4 057 m³/h

Working pressure

25 bar(e) - 42 bar(e)

Installed motor power

155 kW - 815 kW

Capacity FAD m³/min

11 m³/min - 68 m³/min



ZD range: smart air and nitrogen boosters

PET bottle industry

Our ZD (VSD) hybrid solution combines the advantages of oil-free screw technology, drum type adsorption dryer and the well-known piston booster technology.
The result is in 100% oil-free dry air or nitrogen for medium- and high-pressure applications such as:

  • PET Industry : blowing
  • instrument air
  • natural nitrogen vent capturing
  • soot blower air


The ZD system is easy to install and easy to use: no complex connections or foundations are required. Z compressor and D booster can be used in parallel or separately reaching different levels of pressure ratios between 25 and 40 bar, which saves you maintenance time and costs.

Four-stage air compression with high-efficiency intercooling maximises compression efficiency. More savings can be achieved by adding a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and energy recovery.



Hybrid technology

ZD is a combination of a well-known oil-free screw compressor, an adsorption air dryer, and booster technology.

Designed to increase compressed air systems' efficiency and reliability.

Low maintenance costs
Thanks to the hybrid system design, the ZD reduces the number of components which increases component lifetime, extends maintenance intervals, and reduces maintenance costs.

Air purity

ZD booster compressors are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, which means no oil will enter your air or nitrogen network, minimizing product contamination risk.

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Energy savings of the compressor booster

Energy savings through booster technology

Four-stage compression with intercooling is more efficient than three-stage piston designs.

The MD dryer also improves the compression efficiency of the booster.

Re-use your energy
Thanks to the optional heat recovery unit, you can reduce energy costs by using the hot water generated in your production system by boilers, showers, and cleaning processes.

VSD for more savings

The Variable Speed Drive makes the ZD on average 35 % more energy-efficient than fixed-speed compressors. MD dryer uses the heat of compression for further savings.

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