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Weco® Butterfly Valves

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Weco® Butterfly Valves


Weco® butterfly valves offer dependable, economical flow control. These field-proven valves are available from stock in 2 through 24-inch sizes and can handle working pressures up to 175 psi. Wafer, notched, and lug-type body styles meet requirements for new or existing flowline systems. Using a variety of materials, valve bodies, discs, stems, and seats can be individually matched to specific operating conditions, including temperature range, type and concentration of fluid, and various flow conditions.


  1. Choice of operators, actuators - All Weco® butterfly valve models can be equipped with a wide range of operators and actuators.
  2. Leak-proof installation - Ribbed seat face eliminates the need for flange gaskets and ensures leak-proof installation.
  3. Outstanding flow efficiency - Streamlined disc design minimizes turbulence and pressure drop for greater flow efficiency.
  4. Fast, simple field repair - If a valve should need repair, it can be completely reconditioned in the field using interchangeable stock parts.


  1. Triple seal design - An O-ring, undersized stem holes in the seat, and corresponding flats on seat and disc hubs provide three completely independent seals. This unique feature isolates both the upper and lower stems from line fluid, allowing use of standard stem material.
  2. No in-line pins, screws or bolts - Hex drive provides positive disc movement without in-line pins, screws, or bolts.
  3. Self-centering disc - Dual stem with upper and lower tangential pins allows a self-centering disc. This design provides equal sealing pressure 360° around the disc, ensuring positive shut off and extending service life.

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